Free Furniture Collection! Just call 0113 400 1182.


St Luke's CARES keeps on collecting. Free collections if you have preloved furniture, white goods or electricals you no longer need (9 items or less). We will take away all the hassle of knowing what to do. Our van can come and collect your items, price them up and sell them in our charity shops. All the proceeds go towards... Read More

Shine: A week in the life…


As we come to the end of the first half term, (flown by hasn't it?!) we've been reflecting back on what September and October has looked like for Shine. We thought the rest of you might enjoy finding out too so here's a little run down of what a typical week in the life of Shine looks like at the mo...... Read More

Zambia Reflections – Kaytlin


My favourite thing about Zambia was getting to meet so many happy, loving and caring people. Everywhere we went people were all so welcoming to us even though we were different and no one ever made us feel outcast. Even just walking down the street or at the market random people welcomed us to their county and wished us a... Read More

Zambia Reflections – Summer


During my time in Zambia I learnt a lot about myself and others too. I learnt that friends really are everything and the internet really isn't important to us! I met a lot of selfless, caring people that have so much love and appreciate everything and it made me realise material things mean nothing really. At first I was quite... Read More

Ideal Student Furniture at the Dewsbury Road Warehouse


Leeds is one of the most popular university cities in the UK, and setting up digs each year is no mean feet. Moving out, moving in, the books, furniture and beds that sometimes need to be transported and moved around. One solution is investigating the second hand furniture, white goods and household items available in Leeds. St Luke's CARES furniture... Read More

Zambia Reflections – Ellie


Zambia was the best experience I've ever had! My favourite thing about Zambia were the people in Zambia, they were all so grateful and know how to treat each other well. They all made us feel welcome not just staying with the families but also in the school, they laughed with us, danced with us and told us all about... Read More

Charity Shop Fashion Forward


Stylish Second Hand Clothes It doesn’t matter if you’re a penniless student, a busy parent trying to make ends meet, an on-trend Hipster, or a Drag Queen. We all need a great bargain in our local charity shop. St Luke’s CARES on Dewsbury Road isn’t just a great place to pick up cheap furniture but has the cheapest and most... Read More

Declutter and Donate


Why Not Donate to a Charity With the change of season, there’s nothing better than a clear out. Have you ever looked in your overflowing wardrobe and felt like you have nothing to wear? Or lost a lid of a saucepan, only to find it in another drawer hidden under piles of stuff… Why not declutter and reap the benefits... Read More

Zambia Reflections – Casie


My favourite thing about Zambia, was working in the primary school, although I loved everything and it's hard to pick one thing, this memory stands out the most, helping the grade 2's and 3's with their reading assessments, teaching them crafts, playing with them at lunch. Another favourite would be being around the families, and their kids helping out with... Read More

Zambia Reflections – Chloe


My favourite thing about Zambia was the atmosphere and being able to see life differently and to be able to help, everyone is so happy and even though they don't have all the nice things they are all so happy and kind and encouraging towards each other and that's what I liked the most, also facing different challenges like teaching... Read More