From humble beginnings from St. Luke’s Church in Holbeck in 1994, we have worked with countless children, young people and adults over the years in our mission to help everyone reach their potential.

We invest in young people, to provide safe places to be, resilience as they grow up, and opportunities to thrive. We aim to address local issues, responding to young people struggling in school, becoming caught up in anti-social behaviour and petty crime and even those at risk of exploitation.

For those out of work our employability programmes build and create confidence, self esteem, positive social networks and pathways to volunteering, education, employment and training. Our varied social enterprises provide the perfect local and welcoming environment for those wanting to gain work experience.

Our work is expanding in response to the growing needs in local communities in South Leeds. Our network of social enterprises helps to fuel this work, whilst also creating employment and volunteering opportunities. Drop in to one of our charity shops, make a furniture donation, or treat yourself at our nail bar and you’ll be helping our community thrive.

As ever, we are committed to our community and helping individuals struggling at the margins and young people in need of support. Find out how you can get involved or donate to ensure the sustainability of this work.