During my time in Zambia I learnt a lot about myself and others too. I learnt that friends really are everything and the internet really isn’t important to us! I met a lot of selfless, caring people that have so much love and appreciate everything and it made me realise material things mean nothing really. At first I was quite home sock which is pretty normal because I missed my family but after a while I felt like the families and team were my family. I felt so at home and felt very comfortable with everyone which was really good. I found it so interesting exploring Zambia and meeting lots of new people and all the adventures! I loved bike riding with the girls. When it came to going home I was very upset as I knew that I may not see any of these amazing people again which feels hard! I hope in a few years I can revisit everyone again as I know it would mean so so much. I would also just like to thank Hannah, Matt, Kate and Kaytlin as they really made the experience everything, especially the safar in Kenya which I absolutely loved!