Zambia was the best experience I’ve ever had! My favourite thing about Zambia were the people in Zambia, they were all so grateful and know how to treat each other well. They all made us feel welcome not just staying with the families but also in the school, they laughed with us, danced with us and told us all about themselves. It really opened my eyes and changed my how I live at home. I have definitely been using less water and having quick showers! The thing I found the hardest were the floods and bugs! I didn’t like the early wake ups and late nights because it was always involving water exploding or flowing when it shouldn’t, or nests of ants on our sink. I also found the food hard due to it been totally different to what I eat in England. This has impacted massively on how I eat at home and I realised that before I went to Zambia, I was being ungrateful and not thinking about where this food comes from and how special it actually is to open my fridge and not worry about what I’m getting out of it. The hardest thing about Zambia was that children that were asking us for things that we had and the things we were wearing. It was heart-breaking to see that they were wearing clothes that their sister had passed down to their brothers and how the clothes they were wearing were too small and torn and grubby. I also found it sad when the kids were making fun out of the things they had and comparing them to our things. Society in England is very different as they didn’t have phones or didn’t have tablets and internet was very special to them, I most definitely appreciate how Wi-Fi is not something we have to worry about all the time! The biggest thing I learnt was to appreciate what I have at home and how important my education is as it creates my future. If someone else was going, I would tell them to be prepared and set off with an open mindset!