My favourite thing about Zambia was the atmosphere and being able to see life differently and to be able to help, everyone is so happy and even though they don’t have all the nice things they are all so happy and kind and encouraging towards each other and that’s what I liked the most, also facing different challenges like teaching a class which I was nervous about but in the end I really enjoyed it.  The most difficult things to see was people drinking out of pipes on the streets and walking with no shoes on and seeing the size of their houses that they all have to live in. Whilst I was in Zambia I learnt a lot of things, I learnt that I should always be grateful for what I have and get, I learnt how to teach a class to do arts and crafts and majorettes, I learnt that you don’t always need the most expensive things in life to be happy. I just really enjoyed my Zambia experience and I’d do anything to go back even having cold showers and not been able to flush the toilet, I went with a great team of people and that made the whole experience better. I even enjoyed not being on the Wi-Fi and being away from all the social media. I loved meeting all the people over there, they were all so welcoming and kind and all they did was sing and dance for us. The children and the families were all so lovely and welcoming too. I didn’t really find anything particularly hard, I just took everything in and went with it, even though life is very different over there. Now that I’m back at England it has definitely changed the way I look at life and I do miss my African family. To anyone that goes over to Zambia all I would say to you is you will have an amazing time, some of the things that you will see may affect you very much but it’s an amazing experience that should not be missed, go with an open mind and embrace the different way of life and cultures and you will come back with happy memories that will last a life time.