My favourite thing about Zambia, was working in the primary school, although I loved everything and it’s hard to pick one thing, this memory stands out the most, helping the grade 2’s and 3’s with their reading assessments, teaching them crafts, playing with them at lunch. Another favourite would be being around the families, and their kids helping out with bath time and just entertaining them, adored every single one of them. Also, my 16th birthday in Zambia! Loved everything second of it!

The hardest part of being in Zambia for me, would be the food, I’m a very fussy eater and I found it hard trying new foods but I got on with it. I found it hard coping with the bugs, but it’s got easier.

Something that I found heartbreaking and hard to see and hear, was the poverty, and hearing how lucky I actually am to have all these luxuries that everyone takes for granted. It broke my heart seeing how happy everyone was with so little, but made me thankful for everything I do have and it’s made me appreciate everything a lot more than I used to! A massive thing I’ve learnt from my time in Zambia is, that you have to be thankful and grateful for everything single thing you have, because there’s people that have basically nothing at all and they’re happy having the bare minimum. Walking to the school on a morning and seeing children just roaming the streets that aren’t able to go to school due to costs, makes you feel thankful thy education is free in England. It amazed me how passionate all the children were about singing and dancing, they saw us walking and they’d run to us singing and dancing, it was such a lovely atmosphere and it just makes you realise how lucky you are because those children shouldn’t be on the streets, they should be in schools. If I was to say anything to anyone planning on going, it would be, go for it! It’s honestly a life changing experience and it’s really opened my eyes as a young teenager, and has made me thankful for everything little thing I have. Best experience ever, worth the visit.