As we come to the end of the first half term, (flown by hasn’t it?!) we’ve been reflecting back on what September and October has looked like for Shine. We thought the rest of you might enjoy finding out too so here’s a little run down of what a typical week in the life of Shine looks like at the mo…

Monday – We start the week with a team meeting, a great chance to catch up with what went on last week/what’s going on this week and have a bit of space to reflect. Lot’s of planning happens on a Monday as well as meeting up with girls for mentoring. Then it’s time for a few of the team (including some brilliant volunteers) to run the Cockburn Afterschool Club, over 20 girls coming to drink hot chocolate, do craft, play games and generally have a good chinwag each week. Straight after that we have a drop in at The Shine Nail Bar at 4:15-5:15, local girls come by just to hang out and chat, at the moment it’s featuring lots of karaoke, lots of Just Dance and lot’s of toast!

Tuesday – Tuesdays again is lots of mentoring, a bit of planning and then our after school clubs in the community. We have Y7-9s with us from 4:15-5:30 down at Hunslet girls come from all across Inner South Leeds. We drive round on our little mini bus picking up girls and come back to Involve to do lots of baking, discussing, crafting, games, issue based activities, it’s always loads of fun! After a quick pack up we head back up to Beeston to open the Nail Bar for a drop in session for just our older girls, 6-7:30pm for Year 10+ ; it’s always fab to catch up with the girls, see how school/college is going and chat about the latest dramas/future plans over a cuppa as well as do some issue based work. We like to get visitors in to hear about interesting things going on in the city so if that’s you get in touch!

Wednesday – We’ve just started running a group with some lovely Year 8’s at Cockburn, spending 8 weeks chatting about self esteem, identity, friendships, staying safe and relationships. We’ll often have at least one course going on at any given time in one of our three local high schools. Wednesday also means more mentoring and then it’s time for After School Club at Cockburn John Charles (formerly South Leeds Academy). This is a new thing we’ve started this half term and it’s already got a great vibe! About 20 girls come each week with a similar set up to Cockburn. It’s lots of fun, it’s so good to get to know a new group of girls but also reconnect with others we’ve known through courses, groups and mentoring! It’s then back to Involve for the SLY Group….thinking about how young people can have more of a voice in the city, more on that soon!

Thursday – Office, mentoring, planning etc you get the jist! And also Ruth Gorse Extra Curricular Club, at Ruth Gorse they do things a bit different where everyone has to sign up to an after school club on a Thursday and we’re lucky enough to be one of those clubs! So every week we have the same 20 girls coming to us to have fun and also look at issues that are effecting them, we’re loving getting to know this group and it’s ace to be working with Ruth Gorse. We also see girls outside of school sometimes for a cuppa and mentoring, this happens on different days after school with different staff members. On Thursday the boys come on the scene with RISE doing mentoring, courses and a lads after school club at Involve; 4:30-5:30 – think Xbox, table tennis, pool and you’re there!

Friday – More RISE work, after half term we’re starting back at Cockburn John Charles taking 3 Year 10 PSHE Classes for 4 weeks looking at sex, consent and healthy relationships. This is ace fun as it’s where RISE and Shine combine,  RISE take the boys, Shine take the girls and then we come back together on the final week for a big session altogether. We loved doing this at Cockburn last term so we’re dead excited to get going again with this. Add some admin time, think about a few funding bids then it’s almost the weekend.

Saturday – Work doesn’t always stop for Shine over the weekend! Next weekend we have girls coming into the nail bar for a craft session with the lovely Alice, all about making cross stitch cool (we assure you it’s possible!) Then we often have a kids party going on at the nail bar; a fab way to get some of our older Shine girls involved in volunteering/employment.

And breatheeeee!

All in a weeks work, connecting with over 150 different young people throughout the week. Such a privilege. The best part is we known we’ll see them all again next week.