Shop at Our Enterprises

Stop at The Shine Nail Bar to treat yourself, or pop into Dewsbury Road or Middleton to find a bargain on a new-to-you item! You’ll be helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of our work as all proceeds go back into the charity and back into South Leeds.

Donate Furniture & Other Goods

We accept all sorts of donations and will make sure your unwanted goods go to a happy home rather than landfill. Please just drop off bags at any of our shops, and we will steam clean and check over the stock before sale. For house clearances, furniture, larger items or 5 bags of clothes or more we can arrange a collection within the Leeds area.

Volunteer with Us

We have a thriving and committed group of volunteers, who make a real difference in the shops. Volunteering is a great opportunity to gain work experience, meet people and help our charity. We can offer flexible volunteering that works around your schedule. If you are interested in volunteering please do get in touch and we would be pleased to meet. Just call 0113 400 1182 or email or visit our contact page