New branding – but to what end?

It’s a funny thing branding. Millions of pounds are spent trying to get it right, and in some cases its hugely effective. And in some cases I guess they don’t make an impression and leave little or no impact. But the biggest and most successful brands become so symbolic that they simply need to display their logo. A tick or swoosh, the golden arches, a common fruit with a bite missing, the infinity logo – and suddenly we are catapulted into a world of sports, fast food, computing and broadband.

An interesting fact about the King of Brands, one Richard Brand-son (sorry poor joke) is that Richard partnered with other businesses in almost every enterprise he launched. Virgin’s stake was almost always less than 50%, they were a minority share holder – and they weren’t particularly interested in operations. It was all about their brand. And that’s where their value was. Clever dick. Why just travel when you can Virgin travel, surf when you can surf with Usain Bolt (super, super-fast) Or just drink Cola when it could be Virgin Cola (OK bad example) but whether its broadband, banking, flying through the air or to the moon. Virgin is the brand we buy into. And let’s not get onto Red Bull (suffice to say it gives you wings, as well as a multitude of sports teams). The drink is a side issue. It’s just sugar and water. Right?

What’s my point? Well firstly check out our new branded business card for our furniture collection & house clearance service. Simple. And hopefully effective. And secondly we love our heart. And behind this heart is care and concern for everyone in South Leeds. So it’s not an empty business, we don’t own a minority stake, we are not all about the brand – it’s more than that. We are committed to the long term and what we do matters a whole lot more than how we display ourselves. Want to get involved? Get in touch. There is more to our work than meets the eye!

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