Landlords Furniture

A wide range of second hand furniture can be found in both of the St Luke’s Cares charity shops around the Leeds area, these items are ideal for Landlords furniture. We have a wide range of furniture items from sofas to side boards. All items are good quality and make ideal Landlords furniture items, reducing the cost of furnishing a rental property.

Our selection of landlords furniture changes on a daily basis so it pays to check our stock as often as possible. We often carry out whole house clearances or will remove up to 9 furniture items free of charge, so our stock is constantly changing.

St Luke’s Cares main shop is situated at 246-252 Dewsbury Road Leeds, with a second shop on 97 Throstle Lane, Middleton.

With so many rental properties in Leeds, Landlords furniture is highly sort after, with modern, durable, cheap items being the most desirable.

In a recent article in Upad, tenants stated that they don’t like landlords to fill properties with “cheap furniture from Ikea”. With the cost of new furniture so high quality second hand furniture is the obvious answer.

Tenant currently expect higher quality furnishings, but with the profit margins so small on rental properties, landlords can struggle to let their properties if the standard of the interior furnishings is low. It is amazing what a few pieces of statement furniture can do to transform the look and feel of a room. Making it instantly more modern and appealing to any potential tenant. So if you are a Landlord and you currently have property that you are unable to let because the furnishings are letting you down then you need to pop in to St Luke’s to view our wide range or landlord furniture.

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