Cats have 9 lives, but how many do washing machines have?

A quick glance at google gives the impression that cats caught in washing machines are more common than you think. The good news is that the stories published more often than not enjoy happy endings! Cats make it. Owners hear a couple of unusual bumps and come to the rescue just in time to rescue the rather sodden cat from the an unfortunate end. One story from January this year, involved the fire brigade rushing to the scene, and using a crowbar to unite the cat with their owner.

Clearly cats have 9 lives. We all knew that. But did you know washing machines, and most white goods for that matter, have at least 2 lives? Do you think your washing machine is on the blink? Well OK buy a new one but don’t forget St Luke’s CARES picks up pre-loved white goods for free (including washing machines) to sell in our charity shop and warehouse. They get function & PAT tested, cleaned up and sold to fund our community projects – helping young people, those furthest from the labour market and the elderly & isolated. We collect up to 9 items free of charge just call 07800 512074 or visit to book in the job online.

Remember, check the load before you start the cycle, and don’t forget to get in touch with your pre-loved white goods.

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