Smoothie Bikes to Hire

We are really excited to announce that following the successful use of our 2 new smoothie bikes at our Community Awards event – they are now available to hire. St Luke’s CARES Smoothie Bike Hire! We want to keep it affordable and so for just £50 (and a £100 deposit) you can take a bike for your daytime or evening event. We will provide cups, jugs, smoothie machine and bike as well as instructions for use and relevant risk assessment documents.

Smoothie Bike Hire is a fun activity for all events and groups. Whether it’s teaching about healthy eating and a balanced diet or just having fun at a community event. If you need an instructor for your event please let us know and we will be pleased to talk about supporting your event further.

So call St Luke’s CARES Smoothie Bike Hire Leeds. Just call 0113 400 1182 and book our bike!

Thank you!

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Ideal Student Furniture at the Dewsbury Road Warehouse

Leeds is one of the most popular university cities in the UK, and setting up digs each year is no mean feet. Moving out, moving in, the books, furniture and beds that sometimes need to be transported and moved around. One solution is investigating the second hand furniture, white goods and household items available in Leeds. St Luke's CARES furniture warehouse is a great place to start. Students can find us by jumping on the number 1 bus from Leeds City Centre, and getting off just past the BP garage on Dewsbury Road.

The warehouse has a whole array of goods - white goods, beds, tables, wardrobes and other furniture for students to make the most of. Prices are low, and delivery is reasonable too so there is no need to cart it on to the bus on the way home. Perfect student furniture.

Temporary living is more popular than ever these days, with home ownership falling, second hand is the new thing, and our warehouse makes this all possible.

Want to find out more? Take a look at, call 07800512074 to find out about stock or just come down and have a nosey!

And even better when you are done with the second hand furniture and white goods, call our collections team, and donate back to the charity to be made available to the next year group! The money raised is invested into South Leeds projects supporting young people gain in confidence and self esteem to access things like further and higher education. A virtuous circle!

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Declutter and Donate

Why Not Donate to a Charity

With the change of season, there’s nothing better than a clear out.

Have you ever looked in your overflowing wardrobe and felt like you have nothing to wear?  Or lost a lid of a saucepan, only to find it in another drawer hidden under piles of stuff…

Why not declutter and reap the benefits of extra space, less chaos, and more organised surroundings.  At the same time, you will be doing a good turn for local Charity St Luke’s CARES.

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Charity Shop Fashion Forward

Second hand clothes

Stylish Second Hand Clothes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a penniless student, a busy parent trying to make ends meet, an on-trend Hipster, or a Drag Queen. We all need a great bargain in our local charity shop. St Luke’s CARES on Dewsbury Road isn’t just a great place to pick up cheap furniture but has the cheapest and most stylish second hand clothes around…

No season marks a fresh start like Autumn, bright skies, beautiful colours everywhere, all those childhood memories of starting back at school…

And new starts demand new wardrobes!!!

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Retail Course at St Luke’s Cares

Retail Course at St Luke’s Cares

St Luke’s CARES charity are currently promoting their free Retail, Work Experience and IT course on Dewsbury Road, starting Tuesday 19th September 2017 from 10-2pm.

The course which will run two days a week for seven weeks takes place above the shop has been funded by Big Lottery. The course has had successful uptake over the last two years, giving participants hands on experience of working in a busy shop environment and gives people who are looking to get back into work and training the right skills to equip them on their journey.

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