Month: October 2017

Have we reached ‘Peak Stuff?’

So the head of sustainability at Ikea, a guy called Steve Howard has announced that a bit like reaching peak oil, we have reached peak stuff. That is, people have reached their limit of furnishings. He said the new state of affairs could be called ‘peak curtains’. Consumption of many familiar goods has reached its limit and the rate of buying more is only going to diminish over time. And laudably as a result Ikea are creating ways of recycling and repairing items at their stores rather than just selling new things.

So we get this… In leafy suburbs people have too much. In our green and pleasant land people don’t need more – they have everything they need. In fact a recent programme on radio 4 reported people are no longer buying each other things or stuff, instead people buy each other ‘experiences’ and then enjoy experiencing them and enjoy even more putting them all over social media – look at me I am experiencing a hot air balloon ride with a dolphin for example!

And yet not every part of our green and pleasant land is either green or let’s be honest pleasant, and hot air balloon rides are pricey (and dolphin rent is going through the roof).

A guy called Rutger Bregman describes poverty as not a lack of character but simply as a lack of cash. And if you lack cash then you can lack those basics that we all need. Peak curtains – now there’s a luxury.

Yesterday our prime-minister explained the wonders of the free market ‘a tide which lifts all boats’, an efficient allocation of resources. And yet reality tells a different story. Peak stuff in one part of a city and peak need in another. Go figure? So what do we do…

So at risk of going to an on-message and robotic sales pitch: Those experiencing peak-stuff – donate!. And those who experience peak-need – come down to our warehouse where we have unofficially the cheapest white goods and furniture in Leeds. Want to know more? Call 0113 400 1182.

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